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HABC Proposes New Long Term Affordable Project Based Voucher Program

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) has proposed a new program called the “Long-Term Affordable Project-Based Program” or LTA-PB. Under this program HABC plans to create the LTA-PB units that will be managed and operated primarily like public housing units, even though the LTA-PB units will receive project based voucher funds.

LTA-PB units will be subsidized through LTA-PB Housing Assistance Payment contracts between HABC and eligible property owners with a minimum term of forty (40) years. LTA-PB property owners will be required to adopt the criteria for leasing and continued occupancy that will give applicants and residents most of the rights, privileges, and benefits that are provided under the public housing program. Eligible households for the LTA-PB units will pay 30 percent of their monthly adjusted income, which is the same percentage paid by public housing residents, for rent.

LTA-PB units will be developed at O’Donnell Heights in connection with the redevelopment of that public housing site. The LTA-PB units will be leased to returning O’Donnell Heights public housing residents, public housing residents on HABC’s reasonable accommodation transfer waiting list, and public housing applicants from HABC’s waiting list.

HABC is accepting public comments through September 25, 2013 concerning the LTA-PB Program. A public meeting was held on September 11, 2013 at Pleasant View Gardens to obtain comments from HABC residents, community leaders, government officials, and interested members of the public on HABC’s proposed amendment to the Annual Plan.

Click on the link below to view the amendment to the FY 2014 Moving To Work (“MTW”) Annual Plan.

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