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Baltimore Housing Hosts Annual Youth Leadership Summit

In partnership with the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) and Parents Against Drugs (PAD), the Housing Authority of Baltimore City will host its annual "All Day Youth Leadership Summit" on Friday, August 9, 2013 from 8:30 am-3pm at Johns Hopkins University.

The event, which is geared to Baltimore City public housing youth, will feature workshops, speakers, lunch, and entertainment. Sean Mosley, Professional European League basketball player and a former public housing resident, will be the keynote speaker.

Goals of the Youth Summit are:

• To address factors known to influence youth decisions and behavior.

• To work on strategies that offer hope in preventing negative behavior in youth.

• To educate youth of community resources in their communities.

• To encourage participation in community Youth Leadership Club.

Youth will be given guidance and assistance to recognize that peer pressure is not inherently negative. It can lead to a powerful force in persuading youth to develop positive behavior.

For more information, please call the Office of Resident Services at (410) 396-1703.

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