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A Cool New Way to Buy a Home - Watch the Video!

BALTIMORE, MD (February 27, 2013) - Under the Vacants to Value initiative, Baltimore Housing hosted the Baltimore Builds "Receivership 101" workshop to educate prospective homebuyers on this unique opportunity to purchase properties from Baltimore City. Receivership is a legal process by which the City of Baltimore requests the District Court to appoint a third party to auction off an abandoned property to a qualified buyer who will rehabilitate the property.

"Our receivership process enables homebuyers to purchase property at an incredible value," said Baltimore Housing Commissioner Paul T. Graziano. "We encourage anyone looking to buy in Baltimore to consider the many options and resources that we offer through Vacants to Value."

Launched in November 2010, Vacants to Value is a market-based approach to encouraging reinvestment in neighborhoods impacted by blighted properties by strengthening code enforcement, promoting rehabilitation, streamlining the sale of vacant City-owned property, and by providing new, targeted incentives for homebuyers and developers who invest in vacant properties.

For information on upcoming classes, please call 410-396-4111.

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