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Power In Dirt VISTAs

Anna Evans-Goldstein (410) 362-3185, can help with the following neighborhoods:

Carollton Ridge, Franklin Square, Harlem Park, Hollins Market, Mill Hill, New Southwest/Mt Clair, Pennrose/Fayette Street Outreach, Poppleton, Rosemont Homeowners/Tenants, Sandtown Winchester, Shipley Hill, Union Square

Galadriel Rosen (443) 524-2800 ext. 126, can help with the following neighborhoods:

Broadway East, Greenmount West, Barclay, Oliver, Biddle Street, Middle East, Milton Montford

Maria-Ximena Vasquez (410) 396-1711, can help with the following neighborhoods:

Greenspring, Towanda Grantley, Park Heights, Park Circle

Christine Kingston (410) 448-5663, etc. 122, can help with:

Other Areas and General Services

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