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  • Agency Directory

    Agency Directory About Us Agency Directory Archives Management Procedure Board of Commissioners Boys and Girls Clubs Building Communities Initiative (BCI) Business

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  • Site Map

    About Us Agency Directory Apprenticeship and Customized Training (ACT) Archives Management Procedure Beautification Project Board of Commissioners Boys and Girls Clubs Building Communities…

  • Homeownership -How to Maximize Your Homebuying Experience

    This valuable first step will help provide a strong primer for the homebuying process from start to finish. Baltimore Housing maintains a list of City-approved counseling agencies Research Mortgage Options There are many free options for researching mortgage products. Many banks have brochures and pamphlets that explain the types of…

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  • HCVP Disclaimer and Privacy

    Disclaimer: This website is provided by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City ("HABC") as a service and information guide only. HABC takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the data and other information on this website. However, HABC does not guarantee that the information or data are accurate or current. The information on this website should not be relied on as a substitute for your own record keeping. Any errors or omissions…

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  • Project Finance & Development

    A City of vibrant neighborhoods with housing opportunities for people of all income levels in a wide variety of communities. To achieve this vision we work with neighborhood organizations, advocacy groups, real estate developers, lenders and City, State, and Federal government…

  • Planning and Development

    The Office of Planning and Development is responsible for the redevelopment of its public housing stock through the use of the mixed-finance public development method. The goal, using a combination of public and private financing and partnerships, is to develop public housing that is integrated physically, socially, and economically with the greater…

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  • HCVP Property Regulations

    The Housing Authority of Baltimore City Administrative Plan for the Housing Choice Voucher Program generally requires that all participating property owners comply with Federal, State and Local law and regulations. Property owners with rental properties constructed prior to 1950 must register with the Maryland Department of the Environment Rental Property Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. Additionally, all non-owner occupied Property Owners in the City…

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  • Requirements to Rent Property in Baltimore

    Compliance with Baltimore City's Building, Fire and Related Codes Compliance with Maryland's Lead Paint Laws. …

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  • Green Building Standards

    In April 2015, Council Bill 14-0413 amended the City's existing mandatory green building law for commercial and multi-family residential buildings. All permits for commercial and certain multi-family residential buildings are required to complete a Green Building Statement of Compliance to determine code applicability and identify a green building compliance path. …

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