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    US Department of Housing and Community & Development Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) The official web site for the City of Baltimore

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  • Property Detail

    Type: Vacant Lot Neighborhood: Reservoir Hill Address: 752 Reservoir Street, 21217…

  • Code Enforcement Legal Section

    The primary responsibility for enforcing the zoning, building and related codes of Baltimore City lies with the Housing Inspections Services Division of HCD. When violators fail to comply voluntarily with the notices issued by those inspectors, the matter is referred to the Housing Inspection Services Division's Legal…

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  • Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program

    The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) is pleased that you are interested in the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program (HCVHP). Please be advised that this is an optional program for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holders. Housing Choice Voucher holders are not mandated nor are they required to participate in this program. Furthermore, all Housing Choice Voucher holders may…

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  • Vacants to Value Homebuyer Disclaimer Statement

    The information on this website is provided solely for guidance purposes- to assist you in locating properties that MAY be eligible for Vacant to Value Homeownership Incentives. It is a search tool only. Inclusion on this website means only that the property meets the initial eligibility requirements for the Program and that the Incentives COULD apply. No other information concerning the property and your individual eligibility for the incentives can be…

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  • Code Enforcement: FAQ

    Dial 311 to initiate action. After that, contact your assigned inspector for follow-up. 2. When should I call the superintendent for my inspection district? Call the superintendent to schedule your neighborhood inspector for a community meeting. 3. Who is the inspector…

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Vacants to Value is a new initiative which streamlines the sale of city-owned properties and uses the private market to maximize the repair and rehabilitation of vacant properties. How can I purchase a Baltimore City owned property? Baltimore Housings' Land Resources Division sells properties and land under its supervision through various methods.

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  • Code Enforcement Legal Section -More about us

    District Assignments The Code Enforcement Legal Section is comprised of attorneys assigned to each of the Housing Inspection Districts. The boundaries of those nine area offices are coterminous with the nine planning districts in Baltimore City. Assistant Commissioner Jason Hessler Deputy Assistant Commissioner…

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  • Permits

    Baltimore Housing's Office of Permits & Building Inspections enforces the Baltimore City Building Code, as well as state laws pertaining to construction and occupancy. This office issues building permits and provides subsequent inspections for; construction, alteration, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work in both commercial and residential structures. Excluding permits for…

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  • Resident Services

    The mission of the HABC Office of Resident Services is to promote self-sufficiency and economic independence through services designed to build strong foundations and enhance the quality of life while creating sustainable communities. To accomplish its goals, the Office of Resident Services coordinates and implements a vast array of programs and services to include: job search…