Office of Resident Services

The mission of Baltimore Housings Office of Resident Services is to promote self-sufficiency and economic independence through services designed to build strong foundations and enhance the quality of life while creating sustainable communities. To accomplish its goals, the Office of Resident Services coordinates and implements a vast array of programs and services to include: job search assistance and placements, social and health services, literacy education, job training, youth activities and assistance to resident organizations.

Empowerment Month is June 2015. Stay tuned for details of the upcoming events.

Interested in the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program?

The The Baltimore Housing Mobility Program helps low-income families obtain quality housing in healthy communities throughout the Baltimore region.

Do you or someone in your household have a disability?

Get information, policies and forms for Reasonable Accomodations Requests

If you have a question regarding your rental account, contact us via e-mail.

All of these programs promote personal and/or economic independence.

Special Incentives

Get information on the Rising Star Scholarship Program