Poe Homes

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800 W. Lexington St., Suite 6
Baltimore, MD 21201
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(410) 669-4470

Poe Homes is the oldest development within HABC's public housing inventory, having opened on the last day of 1940. It is a family development consisting of 298 units, grouped within several brick buildings. The unit size varies from one to three bedrooms.
Poe Homes was modernized in 1989 and has a large community building (Mutrie Auditorium), which serves residents of Poe Homes and acts as a "power plant" to provide computer training and linkage to the Townes at the Terraces.


Poe Homes is bordered by a number of residential units ranging from a HOPE VI site (Terraces) on the eastern side to renovated, privately owned units on the southern end.


Buses # 23, 15


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