Quicktrac: Check Inspection Results

Call 443-984-2776. Press [3] then...

A) Enter permit type

  • See instructions under Schedule an Inspection

B) Enter permit number (begin with year)

C) Listen to the inspection results

After listening to inspection results, you may:

  • Press [1] to hear your confirmation number and hang up
  • Press [2] to hear the results of another inspection on this permit
  • Press [3] to hear the results of an inspection on a different permit
  • Press [4] to return to the main menu
  • Press [9] to repeat this menu

D) To check inspection history, Press 2

  • Enter your 10 digit Fax Number
  • Press [1] if the fax number is local
  • Press [2] if the fax number is outside the local area
  • Wait for Fax approval and estimated time of delivery to be announced.

Please save your confirmation number for future reference.