Quicktrac: Schedule Inspections

Call 443-984-2776. Press [1] then...

A) Enter permit type

  • Press [1] to enter a permit number
  • Press [1] for COM permits (Combination)
  • Press [3] for ELE permits (Electrical)
  • Press [4] for MEC permits (Mechanical)
  • Press [5] for PLM permits (Plumbing)
  • Press [6] for DEM permits (Demolition)
  • Press [7] for USE permits (Use & Occupancy)
  • Press [8] for TMP permits (Temporary)

B) Enter permit number (begin with year). The permit number can be found at the top right of your permit

  • The system will read back the address associated with the permit entered. If you did not find the permit you were looking for, press the [#] key. Otherwise, continue.

C) Enter four-digit inspection code

  • Refer to the inspection code list for a list of four-digit codes. Enter the code at any time. Or, press [*] for a spoken list of codes.

D) Select date for inspection

  • The system will allow you to schedule the inspection up to five business days in advance.
  • The cut-off time for scheduling an inspection is 2:30 p.m. the day prior to the date requested.
  • After selecting a date, you may:
  • Press [1] to leave a message for the inspector
  • Press [2] to continue without leaving a message
  • Press [#] to select a different inspection date
  • After scheduling the inspection, you may:
  • Press [1] to hear your confirmation number and end the call
  • Press [2] to schedule another inspection on the same permit
  • Press [3] to schedule an inspection on a different permit
  • Press [4] to return to the main menu
  • Please save your confirmation number for future reference.