It's getting harder to walk through North Baltimore, and that's a good thing

Baltimore Business Journal
By James Briggs, Reporter

Oct 28, 2013, 7:57am EDT

There are a lot of housing rehabilitation projects happening in North Baltimore.

I spent a couple hours over the weekend walking through North Baltimore neighborhoods — Station North, Greenmount West, Barclay and Remington — and was struck by how many times I'd have to cross a street in the middle of a block because housing construction projects were spilling into the sidewalks, making them impassable.

There is plenty of talk about new apartment construction and commercial-to-residential conversions happening throughout Baltimore, and for good reason. But there also is a surprising amount of for-sale housing under renovation, at least in the neighborhoods I walked through. Several of the projects were part of the city's Vacants to Value program.
I don't have any statistics — only the anecdotal evidence I saw in one area of the city. And even in that area, I saw plenty of sad blocks and dilapidated rowhouses. Baltimore has a long way to go.

But if you live in and own houses in North Baltimore, it must be exciting to see even a couple houses being rehabbed on your block after many years of neglect. There's so much residential construction happening in North Baltimore that it's difficult to walk along many blocks.

And that's a good thing.