Community Association Meetings May 2017

Southeastern Police CRC, May 1st Southeastern HQ; 5710 Eastern Avenue

Harwood Community, May 1st, 300 E. 29th Street

Garrison Hill Comm. Assoc., May 1st,, Sweet Hope Freewill Baptist, Dolfield Ave.

Hunting Ridge Community Assoc., May 1st,, Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church

Union Square Association, May 1st , 1401 Hollins Street

Robert W. Coleman Comm. Assoc., May 2nd , 2400 Windsor Avenue

Mt. Royal Improvement Assoc., May 2nd Brown Memorial, Park & Lafayette Aves.

Morrell Park Comm. Assoc., May 2nd, 1805 Wicks Lane, St. Marks United Church

Reservoir Hill Improvement Council, May 2nd 901 Druid Park Lake Drive

Medfield, May 2nd 42nd & Falls Road

Waverly Improvement Assoc.,May 2nd YMCA, 33rd Street

Ashburton Area Assoc. Inc., May 2nd 3935 Hilton Ave.

Woodmere Assoc., May 2nd, 5271 Reisterstown Road

Butcher’s Hill Comm. Assoc., May 3rd , St, Andrew’s Church, Corner of Chester & Lombard

Rosemont Comm. Assoc., May 3rd, 701 Poplar Grove St., Rosemont Towers

Franklintown Neighborhood Improvement, May 3rd, 701 Poplar Grove

Wilhelm Park Neighborhood Assoc., May 3rd, Grantley and Violetville

Fells Point Residents Association, May 3rd, Bertha’s Mussels (2nd fl.) 734 S. Broadway

York Road Partnership, May 3rd 5502 York Road

Violetville Comm. Assoc., May 4th 3450 Violetville Ln., Violetville Rec. Center

Fallstaff Improvement Assoc., Inc., May 4th, Fallstaff Middle School

St. Helena Comm. Assoc., May 4th St. Helena Community Center 6509 Colgate Avenue

Harlem Park Neighborhood Council, Inc., May4th, 1433 Edmondson Avenue

Citizens for Comm. Improvement , Cci, May 6th 1907 Rosedale St., St. Matthews Church

Baltimore Highland Comm. Assoc., May 6th, Lord Baltimore Cleaners, 3710 E. Baltimore St.

Patterson Park Neighborhood Assoc., May 8th , Graceland United Methodist Church

Fulton Community Assoc., Inc ., May 8th 1142 Fulton Avenue

Save Middle East Action Coalition, May 8th, 1731 E. Chase Street

Liberty Square Neighborhood Assoc. , May8th, 3000 Towanda Ave.

Mt. Vernon-Belvedere Assoc., May 9th, 1 E. Chase

Bayview Comm. Assoc., May 9th, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Pratt & Kane Streets

Southeast Neighborhood Development, May 9th, Mason Lord’s Building, Bayview Hospital

Community Law Center, May 9th, Dickeyville Memorial Church

Irvington Community Assoc., May 9th, 4025 Frederick Ave., Irvington Place Apts

Greenspace Action Partnership (GAP) May 9th, 808 S. Ann Street

Chinquapin Park Improvement Assoc., May 9th Arbor Oaks Apts., Dartmouth & Linden Community Center

Remington Neighborhood Alliance, May 9th 201 E. 28h Street

Hampstead Hill Comm., May 9th, Linwood and Eastern

Neighbors for Brewer’s Hill, May 9th St. Gerard’s Club, 3500 block of Foster St.

Panway Neighborhood Improvement Assoc., May 9th

Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council, Inc., May 9th, 2401 Liberty Heights Ave.

Seton Hill Comm. Assoc., May 9th St. Mary’s Park

CHICA, May 10th , St. Brigid’s Hall, 900 S. East Ave.

Fells Prospect, May 10th

Cheswolde Neighborhood Assoc. Inc., May 10th

Patterson Place Neighborhood Assoc. May 10th, Graceland United Methodist Church

Community of Curtis Bay Association, Inc., May 10th, Curtis Bay Recreation Center

Madison Park, May 10th 1901 Eutaw Street

The New Auchentroly Terrace Assoc., May 10th, 2401 Liberty Heights Avenue

Lyndhurst Comm. Assoc., May 12th , 621 Wildwood Parkway, School #88

Western Dist. Police- Comm. Rel., May 18th, 1034 N. Mount Street

Fulton Heights Community Org., May 14th, 2000 Fulton Avenue

Fells Point Development Task Force, May14th The Inn at Henderson’s Wharf, 1000 Fells St.

Hanlon Improvement Assoc., May 14th Hilton Elementary

Carrollton Ridge Comm. Assoc., May 15th (TBA if holiday) Samuel Morse Rec. Ctr. 424 S. Pulaski St.

Highlandtown Comm. Assoc., May 15th, 3403 Gough Street

Loch Raven Improvement Assoc., May 16th , Good Samaritan Hospital, Parker Conference Rooms 3 & 4

Whittier-Monroe May 16th, 2100 N. Monroe St.

200 N. Association May 16th Patterson Park Library

Little Italy Comm. Assoc., May 16th St. Leo’s Church Hall, Exeter Street

Pimlico Terrace, May 16th 4236 Pimlico Ave.

Upper Fells Point Improvement Assoc., May 16th, St. Patrick’s Church Hall, 1728 Bank St.

Orangeville Comm. Assoc., May 17th , Fells Point Visitor’s Center

Sandtown-Winchester (RAC), May 17th, 1601 Baker Street

Southwest Police Department, May 17th

Southwestern Community Rel. Council, May 17th, 424 Font Hill SW BCPD

W. Arlington Improvement Assoc. of Baltimore City 1, May 17th, 4500 Garrison Blvd.

Carroll Improvement Assoc., May 18th , 2950 Phelps Lane PAL Center

Graceland Park, Graceland United Methodist Church, May 18th, 6716 Youngstown Ave.

Parklane- Greenspring, May18th James E. Gross Rec. Center

Central Forest Park Comm. Assoc., May 18th, 3901 Maine Ave.

Penn-North Revitalization Corp., May 18th

Howard Park Civic Assoc., May 18th, Forest Park Senior Center

Darley Park Comm. Assoc., May 18th Wolfe & 25th St., Mt. Hebron Baptist Church

Upton Planning Committee, Inc., May 18th, Providence Baptist Church, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave.

Loch Raven Improvement Assoc., May 18th , Good Samaritan Hospital’s Parker
Conference Room 3 & 4

Forest Park Community Assoc., May 20th , 3020 Garrison Blvd.

Coppin Heights CDC, May 22nd, 1100 Whitmore Ave.

Morrell Park & St. Paul’s Improvement, May 22nd, 2601 Tolley St.

Hilltop 4100, May 22nd, 5271 Reisterstown Rd.

Windsor Hills Neighborhood Assoc., May 22nd, 3001 Alto Rd.

Berea-Eastsie Neighborhood, May 22nd

Operation Out Reach Southwest General, May 23rd

C.A.R.E., May 23rd

Charles North Community Assoc., 3rd tuesday, (odd number months) 1900 St. Paul Street

Cylburn Community Assoc., May 25th, Grace Outreach Center, 2605 Banister Ave.

Glen Neighborhood Improvement Assoc. May 25th , JCCC

Operation Reach Out S/W Crime and Grime, May 25th, N. Fulton, Bon Secour Support Center

Crestwell Community Assoc., May 25th, 5110 Frederick Ave., Still Meadow,
Evangelical Free Church

Dorchester Community Assoc., May 27th, 3900 Dorchester Ave

Hampden Community Council, August 29th, 1221 W. 36th Street

Charles North Community Assoc., 1900 St. Paul Street (3rd Tuesday/odd numbered months)

Ten Hills Community Assoc., 2 meetings per year (dated TBA)
St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church

Upland Community Assoc., Quarterly Future Care, 22 S. Athol Ave.

Washington Hill, Quarterly (see website)

Bellona Gettings Comm. Association, Meetings As Needed Location Varies

Belvedere Improvement Association, Meetings As Needed Location Varies

Better Waverly General Meeting Three Times a year Location Varies

Blythewoods Association Meetings As Needed

Cedercroft Maintenance Corp. Meetings As Needed

Chinquapin Park (Park Only) Meetings As Needed

Lake Evesham Comm. Association Meetings As Needed Location Varies

Lake Walker Comm. Association Meetings As Needed Location Varies

Levindale-Sunset Comm. Association Meetings As Needed Location Varies

Mid-Govans Comm. Association Meetings As Needed Location Varies

Radnor Winston Improvement Association General meeting upon announcement

Canton Comm. Association Quarterly (see for dates)
United Evangelical Church, 3200 Dillon St.